Fees & Commissions processing

Triggering, calculation, authorisation and payment of commission and fees is supported by IntelliPen

IntelliPen supports agency processing for individual advisors, agencies and agency networks and different commission rates for different transaction types i.e. regular contribution, single payment, transfer in and different contribution sources i.e., client, employer.

Fees and commissions are event triggered or calculated on a regular basis (normally aligned with contribution receipt or an investment transaction), and commission added to an account. When a payment threshold is reached a payment is paid and commission statements produced.

Regular premium collections

IntelliPen integrates to standard industry collections mechanisms such as direct debit to deliver regular premium processing

There is full premium expectation processing and payroll integration capability to support multiple sources of premium determination.

Unit Processing

IntelliPen has access to up to the second unit prices and can effect immediate unit transactions

The system stores complete unit price histories for fund valuations and forward dealing. We are a member of the IMDG straight through processing group and are implementing support for Swift based up to the second unit price and immediate unit transactions.

IntelliPen supports balanced switches and profile based life-styling, using either individual or group profiles and monetary fixed switches.

Pensioner Payroll

IntelliPay produces regular payments including the generation of BACS files, and supports UK payroll legislation for retirement payments

IntelliPay payroll processing is a fully integrated module that provides complete pensioner payroll functionality including generation of BACS files, payslip reports and full payroll balancing reports.

IntelliPay is a truly integrated solution meaning that new pensioners, deaths and changes in pension sources can be immediately processed. Death retractions, arrears and overpayment processing are supported automatically.

HMRC Real Time Information (RTI)

IntelliPen includes full support for the HMRC Real Time Information feeds via the Government Gateway

The full range of RTI forms are supported; Full Payment Submission (FPS), Employer Payment Summary (EPS), Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) and NINO (National Insurance number) Verification Request (NVR).

In-Retirement Administration

IntelliPen can support new at-retirement products alongside traditional processing such as proof-of-existence checking, pensioner self-service and periodic reviews

IntelliPen has successfully integrated the processes of investment management associated with defined contribution policies, with theregular payroll functionality normally associated with DB plans and annuities. This means IntelliPen is the ideal platform to handle products such flexible drawdown and investment backed annuities, as well as traditional and fixed term annuities.

It is ideal for handling products that require PAYE taxation, either though trivial commutation, or the flexible ad-hoc disinvestment opportunities heralded by recent legislation changes.


IntelliPay has a solution for cashbook accounting and treasury management

The IntelliCount accounting function is fully integrated for automatic cashbook transaction generation and confirmation of cheques etc. Full SORP reporting and quarterly tax returns are generated at the click of a button!