Workforce Flexibility

Administrators can be based anywhere they can access a simple browser screen.

All administrations functions can be operated through the web interface. Whereas no provider is likely to offer all their policyholders such full-unfettered access, this flexibility does allow a customer service administrators to operate across sites, offer homeworking to key staff and to flex the size of their operation without installation of software onto desktops.

Ease of Configuration

Calculations, workflows and outputs can be created and maintained by non-IT staff

The IntelliPen platform provides the tools to create a customised platform for displaying vital information, amending calculations, controlling work practices and producing up-to-the-minute reports. With user-interface based configuration functions, underpinned by industry standards such as XML and SQL, IntelliPen is second to none in providing the flexibility to make a solution that is fit for purpose.

Familiar spreadsheet type calc definitions

Anyone with an appreciation of actuarial calculations and Microsoft Excel can create, test and deploy calcs as required.

As far as possible IntelliCalcs has been deliberately designed to be familiar to those who regularly use Microsoft Excel; the intention being that as most life & pensions professionals have experience of Excel, having a design that is similar will make the product much more intuitive to use.

The syntax of the formulas used in IntelliCalcs is very similar to Excel’s and as such makes it easy for a non-technical user to follow how a product’s rules have been implemented.

Speed to market

The configurable structures within IntelliPen allow new products and legislative changes to be rapidly launched.

IntelliPen has the power and flexibility to allow for the administration of new products to be quickly configured and tested, even automating the product development process. This helps ensure that products can be fully supported by the platform before they are finally launched.

A recent Income Drawdown client was launched within 90 days. This flexibility allows customers to react swiftly to new challenges, either in existing products or to response to new market opportunities.

Flexible Hosting Options

IntelliPen can either be installed on your network, on a cloud service or made available as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Installed systems require commodity Microsoft Servers running IIS and SQL Server. Dedicated hosting is available through iomart dedicated servers – a secure infrastructure specified to your requirements and secured via dedicated firewalls.

Cloud hosting is available via Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure cloud hosting. Hosting Packages are designed and built to requirements and leverage the advantages of cloud hosting – geo-replication, scalability and pay-by-usage. Private cloud hosting is available as an option.

SaaS solutions are offered using Procentia’s existing hosting arrangements – either dedicated or cloud as appropriate. They are provided as shared infrastructure hosting rather than dedicated and offer an alternative and low cost entry to the market.