Documents & Reporting

Client Letters

Documents can either be produced by IntelliPen on-demand or automatically as part of a pre-defined workflow

IntelliPen has comprehensive document production facilities based upon an XML pipeline model. This allows the same data sources to produce Word documents or PDF files etc. We provide a number of standard letters but clients usually customise and extend these to their own requirements.

Bulk Document Production

Large volumes of documents can be set up to be produced by IntelliPen overnight or at scheduled times

The document management facility includes full functionality for bulk document production including benefit statements, valuation extracts and group quotations. Bulk statements can be scheduled using the IntelliPen batch-processing engine to run overnight or at scheduled times.

Electronic Document Management

Scanned images can be loaded into the IntelliPen image system and indexed for future use, or to start IntelliCase workflow

Documents produced by the system are also stored within the IntelliPen EDM module and automatically indexed according to the current context. For example when processing a workflow case, any documents associated with that case are stored within a specific case folder. Accessing a policy or a case provides instant access to all the documents pertaining to it.

IntelliPen uses Microsoft SharePoint Services as its document repository. This means that clients are not locked into a proprietary solution but have the comfort of knowing they can access the documents from SharePoint itself or any SharePoint compatible system.

Management Information on Demand

Data Extracts and interfaces including MI are provided from our open architecture databases

IntelliPen has facilities for extracting data in a number of ways: from simple report extracts with output to CSV, Excel, fixed format etc. to complex nested extracts in XML with conversion to commercial standards such as the HMRC Government Gateway.

IntelliPen can also archive policies as a complete XML document with subsequent import of the XML document if required.

MI & Reporting

The open database structure in IntelliPen enables bespoke reporting or ease of integration with a Management Information package

IntelliPen provides standard reporting facilities such as policy statistics and unit movements, as well as comprehensive case processing and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management reporting. There is also a browser based (web enabled) report writer for developing quick reports and data extracts.

The database is fully compatible with third party reporting solutions such as SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports.