No More Spreadsheets!

The IntelliCalcs calculations engine is comprehensive, includes many common actuarial functions and includes an integrated development environment

IntelliCalcs has rich functionality that can be configured through a simple spreadsheet type of interface. Complex calculations can be set up and documented by proficient end users rather than software technicians.

Full source control and versioning of calculations is built into IntelliCalcs, as well as a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that supports debugging, tracing and code analysis.

User Configured Calcs Engine

IntelliCalcs are easy to create and maintain through a desktop application that includes a test harness.

The integrated development environment allows users to create, edit, test, debug, version control and regression test calculations, all within a single tool. IntelliCalcs has been specifically designed for life & pensions professionals to use and does not require any programming knowledge.

IntelliCalcs can support extremely complex quotation calculations and includes an extensive library of mathematical and pensions based functions.

Clear Quotations

Quotations delivered either through the web or back office are consistent and accurate.

Quotations for DC, IDD, AVC, and Annuities use the same IntelliCalcs engine for back-office, remote user and document based quotations. This ensures all policyholders receive exactly the same quotations in both letters and through the website. IntelliCalcs uses a combined parameters and code approach to product implementation, as opposed to a fully parameterised one, ensuring that it is completely flexible in the type and complexity of plans it supports.