Highly Automated Processing

Process automation is key to providing high quality customer service

Straight-through-processing driven by an intelligent and flexible rules and calculation engine, enables workflows. Workflows that start from a position that processes will be automated and only pause when administrators, customers or distributors need to interact with the process through self-service. IntelliPen has an integrated scanning capability that will trigger or resume a process when documents are received through the post.


By rethinking how we conduct business, customer servicing can be simplified.

Deployments of IntelliPen have achieved 100% automation of calculations across a wide variety of situations. This enables a high degree of automation, as our workflows can be event triggered and run without user involvement to completion.

For example automatic refunds can be calculated, taxed and paid out with accompanying letters, all with no human involvement.


IntelliPen workflow provides controlled and consistent processing across skill-sets and channels.

The standard package comes configured with 20 basic workflows that can be triggered on the web or by the arrival of post, and routed where manual intervention is required to staff with the relevant skill sets, and then onto another skill set for checking or approval. Workflows are easily configured by trained customer servicing staff without resort to scarce and expensive IT resources.

Post room Automation

Integrated scanning triggers processing at point of receipt of incoming documents.

IntelliPen’s scanning capability links to scanning hardware to enable automated workflow triggering and images of incoming documents to be stored alongside a record of all documents produced by the administration.

Processes can be triggered by reading barcodes that then run through to completion without any further manual administration effort.

Automated Interfaces

Reduce error rates and delays caused by manual handling of interface data.

By automating the receipt and request of information from external systems SLAs can be improved and manual effort reduced. IntelliFeed,our data import facility uses definition files to import fixed format files, CSV and XML files into holding tables, from where they can be edited, validated using defined rules and processed into the main member database.

Bulk interfaces can also trigger workflows for further processing of imported data.