Engage Software Features List


Engage makes the low cost administration of Life & Pensions products highly efficient by offering full automation and self-service across a rich functional platform.


  • Integrated Workflow and tracking

    Engage includes a workflow engine and document management facility, both of which are fully integrated into the product. This not only keeps software costs down but also it reduces the number of packages that users have to be trained to use and the integration is seamless. Engage is supplied with a standard suite of common workflow processes that can be customised to exactly fit a client’s requirements. Engage can also integrate with any corporate enterprise wide workflow or case management such as MS Dynamics or Pega.

  • Automated Processing

    Engages scanning capability links to scanning hardware to enable automated workflow triggering and images of incoming documents to be stored alongside a record of all documents produced by the administration. Processes can be triggered by reading barcodes that then run through to completion without any further manual administration effort.

  • Straight-through-processing

    Deployments of Engage have achieved 100% automation of calculations across a wide variety of schemes. This enables a high degree of automation, as our workflows can be event triggered and run without user involvement to completion. For example automatic refunds can be calculated, taxed and paid out with accompanying letters, all with no human involvement.

Calculations & Rules Engine

  • Calculation engine

    Our calculation engine has rich functionality that can be configured through a simple spreadsheet type of interface so that complex calculations can be set up and documented by proficient end users rather than software technicians. Full source control and versioning of calculations is built into Engage, as well as a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that supports debugging, tracing and code analysis.

  • Risk benefit Status and Underwriting

    Engage provides histories for storing life assurance information, reinsurance and risk premiums. For enhanced annuities quote pre-processing will call the reinsurers underwriting engine to get mortality factors that can then be used within the quote.

  • Quotations

    Quotations for DC, IDD, AVC, IA use the calculation engine for back-office, remote user and document based benefit quotations. This ensures all policyholders receive exactly the same quotations in both letters and through the website. Engage uses a combined parameters and code approach to product implementation, as opposed to a fully parameterised one, ensuring that it is completely flexible in the type and complexity of plans it supports.


  • Self-Service

    Engage is a browser based administration systems that allows controlled access to parts of the process for external parties such as policyholders, intermediaries and reinsurers. In this way workflow extends the business processing beyond the traditional office to operate securely and efficiently. Engage is a thin-client browser based system built on Windows Server, IIS and SQL Server and as such can be integrated into existing provider websites.

  • Workforce flexibility

    All administrations functions can be operated through the web interface. Whereas no provider is likely to offer all their policyholders such full-unfettered access, this flexibility does allow a customer service administrators to operate across sites, offer homeworking to key staff and to flex the size of their operation without installation of software onto desktops.

Document Management

  • Client Letters

    Engage has comprehensive document production facilities based upon an XML pipeline model. This allows the same data sources to produce Word documents or PDF files etc. We provide a number of standard letters but clients usually customise and extend these to their own requirements.

  • MI & Reporting

    Engage provides standard scheme reporting facilities such as membership stats and movements, as well as comprehensive case processing and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management reporting. There is also a thin-client (web enabled) report writer for developing quick reports and data extracts. The database is also fully compatible with third party reporting solutions such as SQL Server Reporting Services or Crystal Reports.

  • Bulk Statement Production

    The document management facility includes full functionality for bulk statement production including benefit statements, valuation extracts and group quotations. Bulk statements can be scheduled using the Engage batch-processing engine to run overnight or at scheduled times.


  • Data extract & Interface capabilities

    Engage has facilities for extracting data in a number of ways: from simple report extracts with output to CSV, Excel, fixed format etc. to complex nested extracts in XML with conversion to commercial standards such as the HRMC Government Gateway. Engage can also archive policies as a complete XML document with subsequent import of the XML document if required.

  • Bulk upload facility

    The Engage data import facility uses definition files to import fixed format files, CSV and XML files into holding tables, from where they can be edited, validated using defined rules and processed into the main member database. Bulk interfaces can also trigger workflows for further processing of imported data.

Payments & Collections Processing

  • Pensioner Payroll

    Engage payroll processing is a fully integrated module that provides complete pensioner payroll functionality including generation of BACS files, payslip reports and full payroll balancing reports. Engage is a truly integrated solution meaning that new pensioners, deaths and changes in pension sources can be immediately processed. Death retractions, arrears and overpayment processing are supported automatically.

  • Real Time Integration (RTI)

    Engage includes full support for the HMRC Real Time Information feeds via the Government Gateway. The full range of RTI forms are supported; Full Payment Submission (FPS), Employer Payment Summary (EPS), Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) and NINO (National Insurance number) Verification Request (NVR).

  • Collections

    Engage integrates to standard industry collections mechanisms such as direct debit to deliver regular premium processing. There is full premium expectation processing and payroll integration capability to support multiple sources of premium determination.

Unit Processing

  • Unit Pricing

    The system stores complete unit price histories for fund valuations and forward dealing. We are a member of the IMDG straight through processing group and are implementing support for Swift based up to the second unit price and immediate unit transactions.

  • Investment Switching & Lifestyling

    Engage supports balanced switches and profile based life-styling, using either individual or group profiles and monetary fixed switches.

  • Treasury

    Engage has a solution for cashbook accounting and treasury management. The Engage accounting function is fully integrated for automatic cashbook transaction generation and confirmation of cheques etc. Full SORP reporting and quarterly tax returns are generated at the click of a button.


  • Audit

    Engage tracks all updates, insertions and deletions in audit tables with associated session records. Standard audit enquiry facilities and reports are included in the system. Additionally each data panel has the capability to show the audits that have been made to its data in a pop-up window.

  • Security

    Engage provides comprehensive and user configurable security mechanisms that support role and privilege based access control. Access is on a least-privilege basis to pages, functions, reports etc. Security processes also support a complementary level access mechanism that restricts access based on security level as well as role.