A total administration solution

IntelliPen is a web-based system with integrated workflow, document management, scanning, interface management and a sophisticated rules and calculation engine. By combining workflow automation with remote processing and STP, the administrator to member/policyholder ratios deliver a low cost administration whilst delivering high levels of quality and service level achievement. The product includes:

  • IntelliCalcs calculation engine
  • IntelliCase workflow management engine
  • IntelliScan document management engine
  • IntelliSite website management engine
  • IntelliFeed data importing engine
  • IntelliPay pensioner payroll system
  • IntelliCount pension cashbook and accounting engine
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IntelliPen delivers flexible functionality

The depth of functionality and the powerful database structures underpinning the platform create innovative client implementations. Excellent fiscal management and governance are delivered by the double entry financial record keeping of money paid and received, detailed unit record keeping, the treasury function and field level auditing. IntelliPen supports:

  • Defined benefit occupational pensions
  • Occupational DC pensions
  • Defined contribution GPP and PP
  • CARE pension schemes
  • Hybrid schemes
  • Life & Pensions; and
  • Multiple territories and legislative environments across UK, USA & EU.
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IntelliPen uses a role and privilege security model that grants minimum privilege access to functions and screens within the system. This can be extended to include restrictions by data such as scheme or employer, to provide a complex multi-dimensional matrix of rights.

Our self-service portals use best-practice encryption and intrusion-prevention techniques to ensure that access is restricted to authorised users. Our security mechanisms have been tested and proven in some of the most closely scrutinised and sensitive data security environments.

Low Cost technology

IntelliPen is built using low-cost technology and runs on commodity hardware. With its client-centred structure, IntelliPen puts you in control, removing the need for costly third-party design, document management, workflow and customer relationship management systems.

Integration with existing enterprise tools and systems is a matter of course and greatly facilitated by IntelliFeed, the Microsoft technologies used and IntelliPen’s open architecture.

Occupational Pensions

IntelliPen is an ideal platform for a company or TPA to administer DB, occupational DC, CARE and Hybrid schemes. Our software was built for the web and so enables members, trustees, and employers easy and highly controlled access to all business processes.

We routinely integrate with the leading payroll and HR systems to further automate processing. And the pensioner payroll engine uses the same database and calcs engine simplifying record keeping.

Life & Pensions

IntelliPen supports contract based Defined Contributions, Income Drawdown, Immediate Annuity, Defined Annuity and Annuities In Payment functionality for Life & Pensions providers distributing through channel partners and the intermediary market.

IFA and policyholders can access the platform to perform a wide range of self-service processing. There is full support for agency processing to manage fees and commissions throughout the product lifecycle.

Systems architecture

All IntelliPen implementations are based on a single core software version. This core can be amended to comply with legislation in different countries and individual customer and scheme implementations are data configurations on the core software.

Developments that create specific customer IPR are held logically at this level. The final level of customisation is at user or user-group level, where screen and workflow behaviours can be modified depending on user profile.

Future development

IntelliPen offers a future-proof platform with all the advantages of a genuinely native Internet application. It fully supports non-pensions tax wrappers, flexible benefits and member self-service. It is also regularly updated to keep pace with changes in UK pensions legislation.

On our development roadmap for 2017 we are adding ISA’s and Variable Annuities to the other “insured” products we currently support such as personal pensions and drawdown products.