About the company

Procentia are developers of the IntelliPen family of pension products. In association with our sister company Procentia Inc., we provide pensions software to companies in the UK, India, the USA and throughout the world.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have grown steadily. As well as blue-chip companies such as Rolls Royce, BP and DHL, we also supply software to TPAs, systems integrators, technology companies and other product providers.

As an independent company, Procentia has been able to follow its own path and respond swiftly to market changes. Thirteen years on, the company remains dynamic, innovative, client-focused – and wholly owned by its four founding directors.


Procentia’s reputation is built on technical excellence, innovation and client care. We are not ‘box-shifters’ of software: our aim is always to build long-lasting partnerships with clients, based on a thorough understanding of their needs.

From day one, clients are placed in direct personal contact with the development team who configure their system. The same team are there to provide help and support throughout their time as Procentia customers.

As a small independent producer, we have never put growth before customer service. We believe this has had a very direct impact on the levels of client satisfaction we have achieved.

Job vacancies

Our business is growing, and we are always on the lookout for the right people to join us.

If you have a pensions or financial services background and have developed software in a .NET environment please email your CV to

Meet the team

Procentia has four founding directors each with more than twenty years’ experience in pensions administration.

Our team of specialist developers are all drawn from within the pensions and financial services industry.

Meet the Procentia team