Jessop Fund Managers Go Live on IntelliPen

After a successful 9 month implementation project, which has included the development of some significant new features, IntelliPen has now gone live at Jessop Fund Managers. Jessop, based in Cheltenham, operate in the contract DC market, providing group and personal pension products to around 25,000 members. Providing a system to operate in the contract DC market is a significant departure from the occupational pensions market that Procentia traditionally works in. New features have been added to IntelliPen to enable it to be used in this market, including the ability to raise and process direct debits, support agents and agencies, and process tax reclaims.

Procentia worked closely with business analysts and IT experts from Jessop’s parent company, Vertex – an international BPO company, to design the contract DC functionality required by Jessop and to successfully migrate them from their legacy pension system.

This entry was posted on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 09:49 am.